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Friday, October 28, 2011

Morgan Parra & Concussion - update.

The blog of the Clinical Journal of Sports Management have picked up on this.

In essence, they, too, feel this raises very serious questions about how the IRB are dealing with concussion management.

You can read their blogpost HERE.


  1. this is a great blog, just found it, thanks.
    do you follow lots of discussion about rugby law there. Ongoing legalistic topics include
    - responsibility and required standard for ground inspections (following recent English case)
    - regulations on wearing goggles (what happens when RFU issue a regulation with a typo?)

  2. Crossref, I do poke my nose in there, but as I'm not a ref (apart from a playing history in the positions where one gives helpful advice to the poor confused soul with the whistle...), I'm a bit chary of sticking in my oar there.

    On the liability for ground inspections, there's recent legislation here giving exemption from liability for those involved in amateur sport for anything under gross negligence. I've written about it here, and it strikes me it would be a good idea in the UK, too. I'll get around to a post on it later this week.