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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Concussion - New Rules

A very short post, as much as a heads-up as anything else (if I might be pardoned the phrase) that the new Zurich Consensus has been published.

You can read it HERE.

This is now the standard to be followed in dealing with concussion. The Pocket SCAT2 has been tweaked, and is now the Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool, the CRT.

I'll go through it in more detail, teasing out the details, but, given the manner in which we saw both Ireland's centres concussed in the game against France this weekend just gone, concussion in rugby is once again - alas - a live issue. And it is one on which knowledge is not so much power as safety. Hence my appeal to anyone reading this to please read the new Zurich Consensus, familiarise yourself with it and apply it, every single time concussion crops up in a game.

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