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Friday, September 30, 2011

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Sport

On the Wednesday just gone, Sweeney McGann - a firm of solicitors in Limerick, who have just opened a specialist sports law department - hosted a seminar in Limerick on Sports Law for club members. It was well worth it, and there'll hopefully be more to come.

The reason I mention it is that Dr. Jack Anderson of QUB gave a talk at it on Alternative Dispute Resolution - ADR - in sport, with particular reference to the Gaelic Athletic Association's Dispute Resolution Authority (the DRA).

I've mentioned this in the past, in terms of using mediators for disputes and in terms of the new disciplinary system for what's now the Rabo Pro 12 (announced back in March; and no sign of it in September, with the fifth round of games starting this evening). 

However, it did strike me that possibly the best thing to do for background reference is to link up to an article by Jack, which gives a very good background to the origins of the DRA. 

The article is HERE; and I'd certainly recommend people take a look at it. 

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